Are twizzlers lacto-vegetarian?

Not sure if twizzlers are vegan are not
corn syrup, juice sugar, corn starch, hydroginated and motified palm and veggie oils, saline, artifical flavour, mineral oil, critric bitter, potassium sorbate, colour, soy lecithin

According to PETA they are vegan (unless they changed anything.)
Twizzlers are on the Accidentally Vegan detail below.
"Natural flavoring" is the flavoring to look out for... could be dead animals. A pig is untaught. :)
none of those ingredients are animal products, however i would point out that palm oil is far worse for you than any animal product :P
nope. twizzlers enjoy gelatin. thats horse feet or somethign
if within the ingredients, there's gelitan, then no
artificial flavor = unpromising.

hydrogenated oils= bad

corn syrup= fruitless.
I read somewhere that corn syrup turns off a apparatus in your brain that tell you you're full.

No! Twizzlers are not Vegan. Dont try to eat!
Judging by the ingredients you nominated, they are vegan. However, the 'artificial flavor' could possibly be made from cochineal extract and carmine, which is a red dye made from the crushed bodies of a tropical insect. It's not a severely common dye, but you will find it contained by some products.

Also, the ingredients in Twizzlers may be lacto-vegetarian, but they still aren't good for you. I'd enunciate have them I don`t know once or twice a month when you go to the movies, but don't try and snack on them at home. Instead Tofutti Cuties for dessert!
Because my friend is lacto-vegetarian and her favorite candy is twirlers. Petty much all twirlers are lacto-vegetarian.
Nope...its not.
If PETA says it is, i would tend to believe them over other relatives on this site. They tend to update & be on top of things.
twizzlers are one of the imaginative four food groups along with Breyer's peach rime cream, Mike sell's potato chips and coca cola...

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