How much does soy milk cost?

Anywhere from 3-5 a half gallon
$3.00 $4.00 1/2 gallon
it is roughly 2 something for 8th continent. I feel explicitly the best tasting soy milk out in that. My favorite is the light vanilla.
Depends on the brand and the size here is a link to 206 different soy milks near prices!
$3.49 for silk vanilla soy milk at publix within florida for the half gallon. plus toll....but i don't feel similar to figuring that out... :)
I get a gallon of Silk soy at WalMart for 5 something.
3 for 7 and each bottle is partly a gallon at shaws for kikomen soy milk.
In Canada it's more or less $4.50 for 2 litres. Some no-name type brands are cheaper.

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