Does bread contain egg?

Many breads are leavened by yeast, a type of single-celled fungus. The yeast used for leavening bread is Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the same species used for brewing alcoholic beverages. This yeast ferment carbohydrates in the flour, including any sugar, producing carbon dioxide. Most bakers surrounded by the U.S. leaven their doughs with commercially produced baker's yeast. Baker's yeast have the advantage of producing uniform, immediate, and reliable results, because it is obtained from a pure culture.

Both the baker's yeast, and the sourdough method of baking bread follow impossible to tell apart pattern. Water is mixed near flour, salt and the leavening agent (baker's yeast or sourdough starter). Other additions (spices, herb, fats, seed, fruit, etc.) are not necessary to heat bread, but often used. The mixed dough is consequently allowed to rise one or more times (a longer rising time results in more flavor, so bakers habitually punch down the dough and let it rise again), consequently loaves are formed and (after an optional final rising time) the bread is baked surrounded by an oven.

Many breads are made from a straight dough, which means that adjectives of the ingredients are combined in one step, and the dough baked after the rising time. Alternatively, doughs can be made beside the starter method, when some of the flour, water, and the leavening are combined a light of day or so ahead of baking, and allowed to ferment overnight. (Such as the poolish typically used for baguettes) On the day of the baking, the rest of the ingredients are added, and the rest of the process is like as that for straight doughs. This produces a more flavorful bread with better texture. Many bakers see the starter method as a compromise between the outstandingly reliable results of baker's yeast, and the flavor/complexity of a longer fermentation. It also allows the baker to use only a minimal amount of baker's yeast, which be scarce and expensive when it first became available..
most bread does not (like your regular white or wheat bread). Egg bread, busicuts, etc. do (so be cautious)
Usually, yes.
I just looked on the bread pack and it did not have it surrounded by the list of ingrediants. So I dont meditate so.
Some do and some don't, it depends on the recipe. If you're buying bread it would be best to ask the baker if it contains egg or not.
some do ..not all
me being a chef can certify that egg is unacquainted in making bread. but crushed egg is applied over the dough to get brown colour. but we can also get hold of brown colour by applying sweetened milk over the dough. so if you are allergic to egg, u can remove the outer brown crust of bread slice just to be 100% sure that you didnt get through egg.
not adjectives the breads only those breads which are sweet surrounded by taste.
Watch out for that buttermilk bread,usually that always have eggs.
some breads which are of fine ability made in australia or UK ussualy contain egg.Breads made surrounded by India don't contain egg but all breads contain yeast.
Usually but not all
it depends,some bread doesnt contain egg,but usually bread contain egg.
some *oink* do :)
only some , u know once in a blue moon!!
some, but not adjectives. look on the ingrdent lables
i don't come up with so but some bread contains yeast which makes the bread grow big and spongy, that bread may be call a non vegetarian but some don't contains yeast at adjectives then also they attach some stuff which is first check the ingredients and later buy it
It depends on the bread.

White bread, wheat bread, rye and sourdoughs usually DO NOT own egg, but they may have an egg mop up over the top to give it a nice brown color.

Monkey bread and some seasonal cheerful breads (Challah, Easter Egg bread), and quick breads (like biscuits, cornbread) enjoy egg. If in dough, check the ingredient sticky label or ask the baker directly.

Breads with egg surrounded by them usually have a yellowish color, by the bearing.
Most French breads do not contain egg, but breads change quite a bit contained by ingredients.

The only path to know for sure is to read the label, kind your own, or ask the bakery.
Yes ... Bread contains egg. Only contained by Exceptional / Special Cases / requests it will not be added.
some considerate do, but mostly no. always look into ingredients since buying.
yes, within breadding they will add egg
surprisingly a lot of breads do. be sure to look out for it.

and plentifully of breads also contain animal fat
d same ans u must b thinking but no d bread does not contain egg....u can visit a baking factory 4r that......very soon u'll say whose gonna shift there......ofcource not n by d route r u vegei that u r asking this?well i'm not so i chomp through every kind of bread...n there's an counsel...those who said not all.plz ask them what adjectives kinds of bread they hav eat.i've eaten solely white bread,brown bread, n buns,garlic bread............
may be...
Depends on the type of bread! regular supermarket bread does not!

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