What is non-bovine gelatin?

i was looking for some fish-oil tablets and that be one of the ingredient. i cant have anything related to animals if its not halal..


I'm not sure I'd trust that. Non-bovine just mechanism it's not cow. It could be chicken, pork, or fish.

Check GNC, they have some made beside plant gelatin.
Non-bovine vehicle "not from cows" where most gelatin is sourced. You would requirement to check that it is also non-animal.
Solgar make a line of supplements that are Kosher.
Good Luck.
it is gelatin made without the bones of animals next to cloven hooves.
Fish grease is made from fish! SO it is not vegetarian any!
gelatin from another source, such as porcine (pig) which is not halal, or from fish. Gelatin (the softgel) is what the grease is put into so it is easy to swallow. If you want fish grease but cant have animal products not halal certified, you might want to purchase fish grease in a pure fluid form. It might not taste the best, but atleast you will not hold to worry more or less the gelatin (pig, cow, or fish).
your best bet is to be in motion to a health food store and buy the vegetable gelatin caplets that you crawl yourself, get fish grease that is adjectives and then swarm them, its a pain but you know it is ok for you to consume after
Fish grease is animal anyway . If it is non-bovine gelatine then it will be pork gelatine. If you are an omnivore I'm sure Allah will forgive you. There is no approach of knowing and the tablet's arent going to jump out of the box screaming argh my shell wasn't kill by hanging it from the ceiling consequently I'm not halal.

That is just my HO.
Bovine Gelatin is made by processing the skin, bones & connective tissues of cattle. This can be formed into the gelatin capsules drug & vitamin companies use to steep with medicine & vitamins.
What I am not understanding is that you are wanting to purchase "FISH OIL" which comes from fish but you are concerned next to the gelatin capsule self made from cattle. If you can not have ANYTHING related to animals how is it you can own "FISH OIL"?

There are also vegetable based gelatins also, but considering the certainty that there is STILL "FISH OIL" inside even a vegetable base gelatin capsule, you are STILL using an animal product....

Sorry, I'm in recent times confused by your question....
Bovine is cow related and that particular gelatin does not use that nice of mammals hooves for its jelling properties.
It could be fish gelatin or possibly from some other animal similar to a pig.
There are also vegan/kosher gelatin-like substances like agar. But if the sign says gelatin, it's most probable made from an animal (probably fish).

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