Do you put away hummus cold or hot?

Hummus is eaten cold other but the chick peas ( part of the hummus recipe) can be served heat up on their own or mixed in another dish.
I think you munch through it cold that is how I ate it
The single way that I've get through it is cold.
I munch through it cold.
both ways.
I've never tried it hot. I've other eaten it cold.
Neither! Room heat or slightly warmer is best.
Room temperature.
I eat it at room temperture on bread, mostly pita bread! Try it its flavoursome!
I resembling it cold on wheat pita bread, it's soooo yummy!
Depends on how I'm using it.
As a sandwich spread, right out of the fridge.
As a dip I put it on a plate, drizzle olive grease on it, sprinkle with paprika or red chili powder, top near chopped black olives,, cool but closer to room temp.
I asked just this minute if anybody had ever hear of a recipe involving hot/baked hummus.

Got hardly any answers, but, contained by brief -- nope. This was after I'd search for recipes that might use it hot, too, near no luck at all. I did predict heating it might net it a bit floury, crusty, etc; I don't think the texture would be right.

That said, I'm not entirely sure why. The two primary components, chickpeas and tahini, are both seen hot -- curried chickpeas, for example, are great, and tahini go well on hot falafel.

But, for immediately: like everybody else said, cold, or room-temperature.
Cold or at room temperature.

Hummous can be used as a spread or dip, Other than the huge amounts of cheese products that some people use within a Mexican-style dip, do you know of any dips that are served hot? Besides, most spreadable foods, when heated, become extremely runny and drippy. I wouldn't want to be cleaning the floor or the carpet after that.
cold, it tastes better
I honestly could not even tell you what i.e. lol.

What is it?
Cold on reheat pita bread. Yummm.
I soak up eating hummus! As a event of the fact Mom be just making some quicker today.
I have never tried hummus hot until that time. So my answer is cold.
I should try having it thaw. That idea have never even crossed my mind before.
I don't think hummus would savour very upright hot. You should eat it cold.

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