Are almonds really that fattening?

I know almonds are fattening, but are they not good for you, or is the portly really not that bad? Just wondering; really addicted to these smoked almonds, and I hold a whole can!

great source of Vit E, e'thing u grasp from eating walnuts, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, corns, & avocados u acquire the same from consumption almonds. it's a good large, it protects fats surrounded by ur body, cells, & enzymes against damages. also act as an antioxidant to protect against heart disease & cancer, & helps protect against prostate cancer. primarily it's good for adjectives men in protecting lethal heart attacks. of coz, as in life span, e'thing has to b at its moderation. might obtain diarrhea, impaired sex functions or a big nutty headache afterwards.

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It's definetly honourable for you at a rational portion. You may be overexceeding it, but it's indistinguishable as eating chips, except almonds hold numerous nutrients such as iron.

My mom eat the roasted ones constantly, she's pretty thin.

She also get the unsalted ones though. Salt can be a problem.

Step away from the entire can!

They are excellent for you, IN MODERATION. (just a handful per day)

Yes, all nuts are soaring in calories from obese ...but also high within protien

Yes they are very fattening,but they own a lot of protein and fiber as all right,so they are good for you within moderation.

All nuts own fat within them, but almonds are one of the best cancer preventatives. My dad had prostate cancer and through a nutritional book I found that 10 untreated almonds a day be recommended for people beside cancer and to prevent it. He ate them everyday and followed an herbal regimine and before he go for radiation -his PSA level dropped. His doctors be amazed and asked what he did differently since they had not treated him since his diagnosis. He told them going on for the diet and herbs. He have been cancer free since his radiation and still eat ten raw almonds a daylight.
So eat up you almonds and remember it is accurate fat i.e. inside them- watch out for animal curvy and trans fats thats adjectives.

Almonds are good for you but contained by moderation only! Go and can is a bit too much surrounded by one shot!

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