How much should i charge for my cupcakes?

I'm selling them at $1.75 each
but how much would i trade them for 1 dozen, 2 dozen, 3 dozen, 4 dozen and 5 dozen?
I know your supposed to give a discount the more a customer buys. I merely dont know how to do it.

if each cupcake cost $1.75 Then:
1 dozen: $ 21.00
2 dozen: $ 42.00
3 dozen: $ 63.00
4 dozen: $ 84.00
5 dozen: $ 105.00
you can supply 5% discount on the 1 dozen,10% to the2 dozens ,15% to the 3 dozens, 15% to the 4 dozens and 18% to the 5 dozens.If you do then this would be the price :

1 dozen: $ 19.95
2 dozen: $ 37.80
3 dozen: $ 53.55
4 dozen: $ 71.40
5 dozen: $ 86.10
Generally it is apt to charge one less per dozen. For example: Charge for 11 and tender 12, charge for 22 and give 24, charge for 33 and donate 36. . .The more they buy the bigger the discount. You might want to consider anything over 3 dozen to be a "large" order, and next just provide a flat rate of say 15% bad the top of all instructions over 3 dozen, because it will encourage massive sales. Or, basically continue on taking one item past its sell-by date per dozen. Either will work.
A DOLLAR SEVENTY FIVE FOR A CUP CAKE GOOD LUCK!THEY SHOULD BE NO MORE THEN 50 CENTS EACH YOUR WORSE THEN DUNKIN DONUTS Its cost you like 350 to manufacture 2 dozen med size cupcakes you wont sell plentiful at that price unless of coiurse it a charity thing
You might know how to get away next to charging up to $3.99 for single cupcakes, depending on your situation. I would give a 10% discount stale the single cupcake price if the customer buys a dozen. For example. 1 cupcake is $1.75. 12 cupcakes would be $21, but after the discount will be $18.90. I would give a 15% discount to any cupcake directions of 2 dozen or more.
You are not obliged to confer discounts. The nice box that comes with their direct is a bonus by itself. They can use the box whatever they similar to... it could be use as a litter box. A treasure box... anything their imagination can come up with.

Seriously, within is no formula for discounts. It really depends on you how generously you are near the loyal patrons and stuff. I would suggest giving them a $1.00 or $2.00 coupon discount for their next purchase of a dozen or two cup cake.

Good luck. Can I get a taste?
I'm in equal boat as you. I own Rhode Island Pizza Company. I don't give discounts unless they are regular customers & frequently come surrounded by & tell their friends, kinfolk, etc.
The word of mouth is worth alot more than the discount. As long as you are fairly priced DO NOT Discount. You enjoy expenses and want to make brand money, stick to your price the qaulity will sell itself.
If you are trying to breed a profit then charge 4 times what it cost you to produce the cupcake...example.if it cost you 25 cents to make one cupcake later charge $1 for it.. Then I think I would administer a 5% discount for every dozen that is bought. Or a short time ago throw in a free cupcake for every dozen. Hope that help a little
$5.00 a dozen

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