How much of the cooked asparagus stem should one guzzle?

When one is served green asparagus, steamed and covered with melt butter or parmisan cheese, does one eat the entire stalk, down the to bottom of the stem, or does one give up your job the grainy, lower portion on the plate?

A professional cook would know to cut past its sell-by date the bottom part of the stem. Most other cooks do too so most promising you would eat the entire stalk because they would hold broken off the woody slice. Most cooks bend one or two stalks to find out where the woody chunk starts. Rather than break each stalk they file up the one or two broken stalks with the bunch of asparagus. They use the broken stalk as a guide and cutoff the woody stem stale the other stalks. If the stalks are thick they might be a bit coarse even when broken off but that a short time ago means you gain a bit more fiber in your diet.

It is ok to chomp through the whole entity as they are normally cleaned properly. But once within a while you might have to go off a lower portion on your plate. Like the other guy said if it doesn't want to cut easily next to a fork it might be too fiberous.
umm, why not all of it??
Before cooking them, bend them. They'll fluently break at their ripest part. Whatever is vanished is edible...and luscious.
You should snap off the ends past you cook them. That way you can put away the whole piece after they are cooked.
That's personal preference but, most associates leave the rough lower portion, eating solely that which cuts with a fork.
you can get through the whole piece, it won't hurt you
You can eat it adjectives, but if you hold a the fresh, raw asparagus and bend it unitl it snaps, the upper portion (the granular bit) is the best, most tender when cooked! Go easy on the butter and cheese though! :-D
"Cut past its sell-by date bottom fourth of asparagus, and discard, as it is tough and stringy."
You can trim off the lower 1 to 3 inches in the past cooking then guzzle the rest of the stalk. If you overcook the asperagus the stalk will be more stringy and tough. The best ways to cook are to steam for a few mins., or drizzle with olive grease, add saline and pepper then grill or cook on a grill jar. Delicious!
Well when you cook/steam/prepare asparagus you should break or cut off the vastly bottom after you clean them. The bottom will in truth snap off at the right spot when you break it near your hands, so after cooking them the rough part you are discussion about shouldn't even be within to eat. It's usually a few inches from the bottom. If you are unsure, which I own never been served asparagus that hasn't have the bottom taken off ahead of time, you could cut bad the bottom with a spear and leave it on your plate. Don't bite it down.
If the cooked asparagus is just about 4 inches long you can eat the complete piece.If much longer the outside should be peeled rotten past the 4" or so which make it edible.Size also plays a role.
Small strong asparagus(Younger) are easier to eat intact,med or large are tougher And would not get through past the 4"or so.
snap stale the ends. ew. haha smelly pee
If the asparagus is trimmed properly there will be NO granular portion, so eat the adjectives thing!

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