Does American chocolate really contain seriously of wax?

I hear that real chocolate starts to de-ice in your paw a few seconds from holding it while the more processed chocolate have wax and takes longer to de-ice (i.e. Hersheys candy bar).

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and it also affects the chew of the chocolates...
that is why Belgian chocolates taste is the best...
Paraffin wax is certainly used as the candy is massed produced and transported sometimes thousands of miles. It help the shelf life. Basically you win what you pay for. I love Hershey's but completely realize near is a whole world of chocolate out near besides it!
It depends on who makes the chocolates. The independent chocolate maker in America still produce great chocolates, its the big corporates who look to save money by calculation grossie fillers like that.
You can't generalize just about American chocolate, because it varies from great to catastrophic. I'm fond of American Scharffen Berger and I hate Hershey's. Some culture grew up with Hershey's and approaching the way it taste.

Not all import chocolate is wonderful. I had some expensive Spanish Blanxart chocolate that taste like a pole of wax to me. Its ingredients are chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, lecithin and emulsifier.

I've never heard that "real" chocolate melt easily. I find obedient, dark chocolate to be pretty firm and non-melty.

Here is information about "real" chocolate:

The process to find out what's in a public house of chocolate is to read the label.
who ever told u that=bad
Who care.

Chocolate is delicious!

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