What's the difference between red and brown potatos?

The color.
the red are worse after the brown. They remind me of the French and I just don't resembling it.
The solely difference I've noticed is that red potatoes are sweet.
Red have thinner skin, so it's usually not here on. They also stay firmer after cooking, which makes them just right for potato salads and roasted with or in need other veggies.
Funny but true, the red is more costly compare to the brown.
I think they're in good health, and cook up really nice! ( ^ _ ^ )
I approaching the taste of topical potatoes ( the red ones). Just boil them for about 20 minutes, toss near butter, parsley , ad some sour cream. I've read they are in good health, but all potatoes own potassium.... which we all involve. I try to eat baked sweet potatoes because they are considered one of the top ten miracle foods. They are loaded near nutrients, and here in the South, they are pretty adjectives on dinner plates.
red ones own less starch, apposite for frying and cooking up faster. brown ones...like russets hold alot more starch they're good for potato scallop and potato salad and surrounded by general are better baking potatoes. red ones are also more flavorful to me and i similar to to leave the skin on.
The are just different VARIETIES. Basically a especially starch tuber but with different DNA resulting within differences including color.
red hold thinner skin

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