Eating freezer frost?

i did it my whole natural life, and i stopped just just now when we had to buy a different fridge with a more modern freezer, with the sole purpose the old ones frost. People other told me it would make me sick, it never did. No one ever give me a specific reason why it would clear me sick. So whats so bad something like it?

Any bacteria that be in that rime or happened to attain into the freezer when the door was open will reappear when the ice get into your stomach. I worked in a nursing home and one frail lady died from an infection from the rime blocks she was ingestion from the freezer. I know the fridge/freezer was not the cleanest. You be very lucky, glad you enjoy stopped.
conceivably it just grossed them out that you be eating something that grew on the walls of the freezer
Not sure it would make you sick, but it is abnormal, I tell ya, plain abnormal.
okay if you have frozen meat contained by your freezer, the package could seep and you could get hepatitis or salmonella or some other disease that comes from unprocessed meat. also the engine running the freezer could let past its sell-by date some sort of exhaust or other bad piece, i think.
well if your freezer is verbs then it might be aright because you are merely drinking frozen water frost, but if your freezer is dirty than that might be a problem.
nothing that i know of
If your freezer is dirty, it would make you sick. If it is verbs, it would be just close to eating rime ;)
In the precipitate day,s the freezer be made from steel and it was thought that the frost would counter with the metal and effect the ice to be poisoned. But similar to you we all ways ate the frost and am still here.

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