Can BBQ sauce be frozen for following use?

Yes, definitely. I've read that you can even freeze it within an ice cube tray. Pop adjectives the frozen cubes of sauce out of the tray and keep them within a bag surrounded by the freezer. When you only want one, you can get hold of one.
heck yeah.
if u dont have a fridge
why don't you a moment ago put it in the Fridge, it will be better afterwards in the frizzier.
yes, unless it get frostbite
Yes. I've done this before and it taste the same as the morning you made it. I put it in pint jar, just don't compress it all the bearing to the top, it will expand. This is so easy for whenever you own a BBQ and don't have the time to cook sauce. Homemade sauce is so much better than what you catch in a bottle.

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