Can you use milk on its expiration date?

I have milk right very soon that is 4 days historic the expiration date and still good

Check your heat of the fridge, if kept nice and cold, it will last beyond that date
Smell it. The nose know
Yes, unless you've have it open already for pretty a while. Use the "smell test". If it has an odor, pour it down the drain.
yes you can
I own once and nothing happen..its best not to of course
But milk sometime after the expiration date should be thrown away
Milk expiration date are the manufacturer's best guess at how long the product will be at excellent quality. They are usually expressed as "best past: xxx" and take into justification how the product might be handled. I enjoy been within dairy quality and food safekeeping for decades and I routinely drink milk or eat yogurt for days or weeks previous the code. It doesn't become harmful. Depending on how it be handled (what heat it has be kept at, has it be in bright hurricane lantern, etc.) milk can spoil BEFORE the best before date. Use your antenna and if it smells spoiled, dump it. If it doesn't, taste a bit and if it taste ok, drink up!

You will get the best flavor and longest use if you maintain milk at between 33 and 36 degrees or so and if you don't leave your job it out any longer than necessary. Also, the milk within opaque containers keep flavor and vitamins longer.... light cause photo-oxidation which produces off-flavors. It also destroys some vitamins.
They articulate you can but you really just hold to double check smell it first and check for a film.
as long as it is not chunky when you pour it, it is okay to drink.
If you hang on to your fridge at a low temperature, it will end way longer than the expiration date.
Of course. I'm going to go enjoy some in a around an hour that expired yesterday. I really hate for it to dance bad so we'll be intake cereal all year long. ;o)
Yes, you can. The "expiration" date is truly for the benefit of the stores that carry the milk. It's also call the "sell by" date and it indicates when the stores should verbs the unsold products off the shelves. If I remember correctly, most dairy products can be used up to seven days after that date if they own been stored properly.
yes you can, you can also use it on the second day if it wasnt open
course you can.i do it a lotta times but yeah,resembling what they say,use your sense of smell first.if that fail,then let's simply hope your sense of taste wont...:)
yeah, in reality you can use milk five months after its expiration date, but it might not be very thriving
yes solely 1 or 2 day but if look funny dont use it
The date is actually a "deal in by" guide for the grocery stores -- they can even SELL it after the date. I've found that the less chubby content in the milk, the longer it last. If you don't detect any sour smell, it's okay to drink.
I don't know .Ive get a jug surrounded by the fridge that expired 3 days ago .it doesnt smell bad .Here we budge.Doesnt taste desperate .Seems Ok to me. Chuga lug.
If it smells polite go for it.
You can have milk chronological the expiration date if it smells OK.
I other thought the exp. date was the second day the milk could be sold within the store----always take a correct whiff if you are not sure. You will know how to smell it if is spoiled.
sure its still apposite as long as its kept cold and the cap is on it. But if it worries ya plenty, drink it, or use it for cooking until its gone asap! youll be fine
yes...but if you wait too long you could be asking going on for cheese...
= )
no it say good until 00/00/00 ...... until is basic key
I go by the smell. If it smells "off", I pour it out.
yes you can.... usually even up to 4 days after it as long as you have be vigillent in keeping it cooled... you will be able to drink it until you cant drink it and if you enjoy ever smelled sour milk then u know exactly what im conversation about.

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