What is the difference between using butter, shortening, margarine, and vegetable grease (corn oil) within cookies?

Mostly flavor.
Butter is a dairy product and has cholesterol the others are made from vegetable concern and ,other than the grease, are high contained by trans fats.
Shortening burns at a high temp or at least it starts to smoke at a better temp any way.
taste, calories and chlorestrol
It has to do beside the percentage of fat respectively contains and the cooking heat. Most cookie recipe call for butter. Butter have more fat than oil (olive, corn, canola) and less than shortening (Crisco). So its great for cookies and breads.

With cookies you don't want really lofty temperatures, so use the denser products; butter shortening, and margarine. Use the oil in thoughtful frying or stir frying, when cooking things like meat and vegetables (which need really giant tempertures).

IMPORTANT!! Always substitute up the gradient for fat. Margarine/Butter for oils, Shortening for butter/margarine. NEVER SUBSTITUTE OIL FOR BUTTER OR SHORTENING!!
Since, you never know the Exact amount of corpulent needed for you recipe, always use more.
Here's my experience.

Don't use corn oil. It is VERY sick. It is not used surrounded by products in Australia (Sometimes pigeonholed as Corn Syrup)

If you use margarine or oil your cookies will tend to be softer, which is nice if you approaching the soft chewy type of cookie, but they can tend to also get a bit of a bitter partiality from the marg and can be greasy.

If you use butter in your cookies, they will be crunchier as the butter harden on cooling, so just undercook them somewhat and the outside will be just crunchy and the inside chewy and full of flavour.

Butter, esp. unsalted is the best for cookies.
margarine is better to use calories zest and cholesterol use wesson oil
Butter provides more flavor than shortening and keeps the cookies soft and moist.
Shortening make them really fluffy, but they harden hastily.
Oil doesn't provide enough fluff or flavor so unless you involve to use it because of a vegan recipe or something and it's paired beside other ingredients to correct its downfalls, I don't recommend it.
And corn oil and corn syrup are two completely different things. Corn grease is just a cheap vegetable grease. Corn syrup is made from the fructose of the corn and is usually heavily processed, is extremely bad for you and is a diabetic's worst rival because it converts immediately into blood glucose and have zero nutritional convenience.
plump and flavor....go near the veggie oil...NOT margarine if u want a long duration

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