Best Type of Tuna: Albacore vs. Yellowfin vs others?

There are many types of tuna (albacore, yellowfin, bluefin, etc.) and I chomp through both fresh and canned. Some say-so to limit the intake of can albacore tuna because of its potentially high mercury content. Some influence yellowfin is actually the impossible one. Which one is good/bad for you? There are so many reports and I'd similar to to make the most-informed choice.


If you are eating can, Albacore is much worse than Chunk Light. Albacore has .353 parts per million of mercury, while Chunk Light just has .118 ppm. Thats because chunk insubstantial is usually skipjack tuna which is smaller and less contaminated. But sometimes chunk flimsy contains Yellowfin, which has .325 ppm.

In jargon of tuna steaks, Bigeye is the absolute worst next to .639 ppm - avoid it totally. Albacore caught by long-line is pretty contaminated (.353 ppm) because they are giant, older fish. Albacore caught by troll fishing, in opposition, is much better (.20ppm) because they are young and small. Yellowfin is better than Bigeye and Long-Line Albacore at .325 ppm. Keep contained by mind, Ahi tuna is actually any Bigeye or Yellowfin - if you dont know which, dont eat it.
Chicken of the Sea! Duh it's the best Chicke.I anticipate tuna out there!

Seriously, I resembling yellowfin but I am not sure which is good or doomed to failure really. I mean if you individual eat it conceivably once a week it shouldn't be to harmful...or I hope not anyways.
Bonita tuna. Even if caught surrounded by warmer hose, still seems to carry on a bit more body fat than usual and receive for great sashimi.
albacore all the means of access!

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