Why do rock-hard boiled eggs basis gas?

Eggs that are scrambled, fried, and poached don't cause it.
I asked this put somebody through the mill in the Health catagory. Only get one answer, and the answerer said that they don't. It must just be the method my body handles them. But I've hear lots of people complain of getting gas from knotty boiled eggs.

Personally, yes I have observed that I fart more commonly when I eat rugged boiled eggs (oops, excuse my french :p).

Do you know that hydrogen sulfide [H2S] odor is described as "rotten egg" odor? No kidding, look it up. Have you smelled a rotten egg? It smells similar to a fart. Thus, an egg must have contained a great amount of sulfur contained by it that when it passes the GIT is converted into hydrogen sulfide gas, and this is what comes out after ingestion eggs ;)
Honey, almost adjectives foods cause gas.
i really dont know i never heard that up to that time i eat eggs they never give me gas
Maybe you're a short time ago a farter. It's Okay. Still gonna like you. Just chill and drink an egg for me.
theyre simply like milk and creme, conceivably your just lactose intolerant but i never really come across to get gas
Uncooked proteins in the tough boiled eggs produce gases as by product during their decomposition by the "apt bacteria" present in the intestine.

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