Does miso spoil?

I have miso within the fridge. It is an a black paste form, does anyone know how long it will later? I have have it there for in the order of 4 weeks.

Yes it goes fruitless.

Other Answers:

Miso color is usually tan isn't it? I've never see a black paste past. Check the container for the expiration date.

It indeed does! AND it gets dark as it gets more outmoded!

Are you sure your miso paste is OK?!

Mind you, unless it in fact smells fermented, or nasty, or have mould growing on it I'd try it anyway, but remember that it gets stronger as it 'ripens' near old age, so progress careful! If it smells nice and savoury, it's probably still appetizing.

Yes it gets older and does spoil. And it's not suppose to be
black. Throw it away and buy another 1

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