What is the history of the kringla?

"Heimskringla contains sixteen sagas of Norwegian history and collection the kings of Norway from the earliest times to 1177, as well as a collection of their saga and poems. Its name comes from its channel words, 'Kringla heimsins', the 'circle of the world.' "Odin established the same decree in his home that had be in force within Asaland. Thus he established by law that adjectives dead men should be burned, and their belongings laid next to them upon the pile, and the ashes be cast into the deep-sea or buried in the planet. Thus, said he, every one will come to Valhalla with the riches he have with him upon the pile; and he would also relish whatever he himself have buried in the planet." (from Heimskringla)"

Other Answers:

Linguistically, kringla (or kringle) comes from a norweigian/danish (norse) word for around or circle, which reflects the shape of the kringle. Kringle have been a traditional scandinavian pastry for hundreds of years. For more info, check source below.

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