How do you cook fresh kielbasa?

The same way you cook weiners. Bowl them contained by water, or cook them on a grill or stir fry them beside some vegetables.

Other Answers:

There are many ways, you can fry it, or cook it beside pork or kraut. What ever you prefer, you cook it like the other Kielbasa.

ooooh kielbasa

bake it surrounded by oven


I boil it, and afterwards heat the oven. Then toast sub bun(s) on the oven. Then cut a slit down the middle of kielbasa, consequently put mozzerella cheese in the middle put vertebrae in oven until melt. hope this helps

grill it in the parking lot of a steelers winter sport. Grill flip, grill flip, score down the side and expand. Grill, flip, put in bun next to mustard and enjoy beside and Iron City while watching the superbowl champs!
Lifelong lover, many various games.

I like to jar fry it and add it to eggs or macaroni and cheese. Thanks for the put somebody through the mill, figured out whats for dinner tonight.

put it into hot boiling water for 20 mins (though dont boil it and dont cover it)
i suggest this though:
a better passageway is to cut it in two long pieces, put it on a hot jar with grease and fried onion slices, fry them this way for in the region of 15 mins. rememeber to mix the onion slices and put some of them on the sausage while frying
thats what i often chomp through for dinner and im polish :)

I bake it near cut-up potatoes and sometimes some onions! Yummm! Wish I could get fresh kielbasa here contained by Salt Lake City. No Polacks here I guess except me!

Another method: Slowly cook kielbasa over open grill, something like 20-30 minutes, until done. Put it on a roll, top with sauerkraut and mustard. Enjoy!
Fry it afterwards cook it with sauerkraut. And Danzahn, don't you close-fisted the parking lot of a BROWN'S GAME? lol! After all, Cleveland is prearranged for it's Slavic Village.

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