What type of food does Panda Express serve?

My co-workers and I have be debating about this.They say-so it's Chinese food but I dis-agree. What do you think? Can someone provide me beside any thoughts on this...no stupid comments please. Appreaciate all the answers. Thanks

White-washed Chinese food...distinctly not "real" Chinese food that you would actually find within a Chinese family household. It's approaching saying is Taco Bell genuine Mexican food? White-washed once again...BUT WE LOVE IT! So who cares.
it is chinese... right food too
chinese i think/
it's like the mcdonalds of chinese food
It is food that Americans typically identify as "Chinese Food." Their network site claims "Gourmet Chinese Food" at the top.
It's an American-ized version of Chinese food.
its chinese-american food.
It is overpriced Americanized Chinese food that will present you really bad gas.
i suppose it is chinese food but a more classy version, not close to the hole-in-the wall chinese food resturants. Also, their mascot is a Panda and im pretty sure those are contained by China
I would say Chinese

Orange Chicken
Mushroom Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken
Mandarin Chicken
Broccoli Beef
Sweet and Sour Pork
Mixed Vegetables
Other Good Things
Veggie Spring Roll
Crispy Shrimp
Chicken Egg Roll
Fried Rice
Chow Mein
Steamed Rice
The correlation below describes their menu.

"From the first Panda Inn to the fastest growing Chinese restaurant chain within North America, find out how Pandas founding family have achieved nouns with a delectable Chinese tradition of fresh flavors. " quote from link
Basically, it is Chinese hurriedly food.
they serve westernized Chinese food! Not authentic Chinese food. I would know because I'm Asian.
Yes, it is Chinese food. And it's GOOD Chinese food, served quickly and acceptably priced.
PANDAS they live in CHINA

Panda anything is a chinese food unified
Chinese "fast" food.
It is food prepared with some flavors that are reminiscent of Chinese food.

Definitely NOT Chinese food. Actual Chinese food is not that greasy.
Chinese food.

(though it took adjectives my strength to avoid a stupid answer)
Chinese style buffet but watch out, when I go some time ago I had a unpromising reaction to the MSG content! I usually don't hold a problem with that.

I prefer a neighborhood Chinese restaurant buffet or menu, or a nice Dim Sum which is an antic, not a quick lunch.

Panda is big because they do food promptly in roomy quantities, resembling we need more food faster!
Panda Express is more of an Americanized Chinese food. Although it does own a Chinese base the sauces own been altered to what we would similar to.This is the same for most Chinese, Thai, Mexican and other cultured restaurants.
I'm originally from California and in a minute I live in Michigan where on earth the difference in the food is extraordinary. In Michigan you can get authentic Greek, Polish or probably mid east food if you look but forget about the Chinese or Mexican food. What's hot to Michiganders is mild to Californians. I can't dawdle to get fund to California.

Bottom line everyone have their own taste and if you don't discern it's Chinese then they probably hold altered traditional Chinese dishes to suit the taste of us Americans.

chinese-mine is a short time ago a pick up place and tasted unpardonable.try another chinese place-please.
It's Chinese food, but it's not traditional authentic Chinese food ;)
Fast food American Style Chinese Food. But it's pretty decent.
Personally, I contemplate it is crap! Not sure but it is not Chinese like any of the other places I've eat and we order Chinese something like 2 times a week here at work!
they serve american chinese food not true chinese food

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