What's the difference between spaghetti,pasta and lasagne?

Pasta is a generic term for adjectives shapes. Spaghetti is long and thin, lasagne noodles are flat and cavernous.

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Like so many things within life,it's adjectives about how you suck or chomp through it.

They look different, otherwise they are pretty much the same.

The types of noodles

spaghetti and lasagne (noodles) ARE pasta.

the shape

zilch their all different types of pasta cooked next to different ingredients

type of noodle used. spaghetti is a fat long noodle. lasagna is wide-ranging flat noodle. Pasta is the name for adjectives the itallian noodles.

the sos!!

different shapes

One is round, one is has be flattened Lol..otherwise no difference

Pasts is a term for adjectives pasta. Spaghetti and lasagna are different types and shapes of pasta. Elbow, Bowties, shells, linguine, Etc.

their size and shape

if u order pasta they will ask what nature. spaghetti and lasagna are types of pasta.

Their shape

Those crazee Eye-talians named their pasta for the different shapes they made it into.

Spaghetti is stick type noodles, Lasagne is a broad flat noodle.


Spaghetti and Lasagne are types of Pasta, Spaghetti is wormy looking, Lasagne is a flat rectangle, Farfalle is bow shaped etc etc.

Pasta is the type of food it is. Both spaghetti and lasagna are noodles. Spaghetti is a withered, round, long wheat noodle. Lasagna is a baked noodle dish made with broad, flat wheat noodles. They will curl the limit of the lasagna noodle so that the sauce and cheese won't slide off of it when you pick it up.

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Pasta is a category of food that consists of dishes made up of noodles and sauce, so spaghetti and lasagne are both types of pasta. Spaghetti have long, round noodles and usually a marinara sauce whereas lasagne is made up of layers of all-embracing flat noodles, cheese, and marinara sauce.

Basically just the size, shape, or agency it's cooked. Pasta is pretty generic, spaghetti is the long thin noodles, lasagna are the widespread flat noodles that you use to make a cake-looking dish, but you can also lift those lasagna noodles and wrap them around ricotta cheese, and bam! you have manicotti! Yum!

very well pasta pretty much discribes all kind of noodles, or noodle like substances (like revioli and tortilini). Spaghetti is a circular pasta typically just about 12 inchs in length and just about 1/16" diameter. Lasagne is a layered pasta dish consisting (generally) of layers of: flat sheets of pasta, a sauce (generally tomato based), and cheeses.

only just the shapes thats all

Spaghetti is a dish comprised of tomato sauce, meatballs, and spaghetti noddles. Lasagne is a dish comprised of layer of tomato sauce, cheese, thin pieces of square noodles, and ground meat. Pasta in recent times refers to any dish that has any of the masses types of Italian noodles with a sauce, for example: carbonara, spaghetti, lasagne, macaroni near cheese all trip up under the catagory of pasta.

spaghetti is a long sunken noodle, pasta can be any sort of pasta--spaghetti, linguini, lasagna noodles, fettucine, shells, etc.
Lasagna is a dish made with lasagna noodles, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, tomato sauce, and meat. There is also different variation with seafood and veggies.

spaghetti e' un tipo di pasta dura probabilmente la piu' antica, nota per essere italiana ma contained by realta' cinese ,,noodles,, la pasta invece e' tutto il resto: penne, pennette,farfalle,chiocciole,f... ecc ecc tutte paste dure.
lasagne e' un tipo di pasta soffice generalmente fatta within casa, va nella categoria della pasta fresca. ciao ciao

Pasta is available in various different forms and sizes. The majority of pasta shapes that are available originated contained by Italy but they have also be created in other parts of the world. Certain shapes and sizes are used for specific purposes, while others can be used surrounded by several different manners.

Spaghetti is a type of strand pasta noodles and Lasagne is a type of Ribbon Pasta Noodles.

Strand Pasta Noodles: Pasta strands are long rods of pasta, which are generally round, but they are available surrounded by a square rod also. The basic difference from one hotchpotch to the next is the bulk of the strands. The thicker strands work well next to a heavier sauce while the thin variety are better with a more gauzy sauce.

Spaghetti: long thin round strand pasta
Spaghettini: a thinner journal of spaghetti (don't confuse next to vermicelli, that is a exceedingly thin, round pasta strands, which are similar to spaghettini. They are slightly thinner than spaghettini.)
Spaghettoni a thicker edition of spaghetti

Ribbon Pasta Noodles
Ribbon pastas consist of flat strands of pasta, which are available in different length, widths and thickness. Some are short and widespread, while others are long and narrow. Ribbon pasta can enjoy straight or wavy edges. Many variety are available fresh and dried. The dried ribbons are generally used next to a thick, heavier sauce and the fresh ribbons are served beside a more delicate sauce.

Lasagne: A totally wide flat pasta to be exact available in ribbons that are approximately 10 to 13 inches long and swing in thickness from 2 to 3 1/2 inches. Lasagne is also available in sheets that are across the world 3 1/2 x 5 inches or 4 x 6 inches. The ribbons or sheets are layered in a casserole between other ingredients to variety a dish called lasagne.

economically...spaghetti is thin...pasta comes contained by different shapes and sizes..and lasangne is layered

spaghetti is a specific type of pasta
pasta is all different noodles
lasagne is a specific type of pasta

they're adjectives considered pasta.

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