okay..whats the difference between carne GUISADA and carne ASADA...and did i freshly craft that up?

Asada = is the best for party, and reunion, Best near BEER & "tortillas de harina", Guacamole. ! wow my favorite.

Guisada = Ocasional use with vegetables/cook. The best mark people over here contained by México is the "Bistec Ranchero"

Other Answers:

Carnre Guisada is cubed beef in a gravy type sauce. Carne Asada is essentially fajita meat.

Guisada = cooked
Asada = roasted

not a exceedingly big difference.
spanish/english dictionary

Its adjectives the same.

Carne Guisada is cubed Stew meat, prepared near sofrito, ajo, big vegetables pieces like carrot, potatoes, celery, red wine (or beer) made in a caserole on a tomato foundation... usually served over white rice... Very common surrounded by Puerto Rico.

Carne Asada is more like hermetically sealed meat over a grill or roasted. Is mostly prepared on a BBQ, grill or roast pan.

I am from Puerto Rico and Carne Guisada is unbelievably, very adjectives here.

Carne ASADA is usually meat cooked on the grill, and carne GUISADA is more approaching what you call "beef stew'
Im from a latin country

carne guisada is meat that you cook lying on the stove usually with some type of sauce carne asada is baked or grilled

guisada is drier than asada. guisa means to saute. so carne guisada is sauteed meat. asada have sauce. like a stew
my moms cooking

I'm no expert surrounded by Spanish, but when I order something guisado, I'd call upon it a stew, e.g. pollo guisado would be chicken stew or stewed chicken. I think 'guisar' could also be translated as 'to braise'.

Asada to me resources that the meat will not be cooked in hose down or sauce, rather it will be roasted surrounded by an oven or cooked on a grill. Also there won't be bones surrounded by it, usually, in contrast to the bone-in pieces that you find within stew/guisado.
carne asada, is cooked on the grill, and carne G uisada is cooked with onios and tomatos, I love my grandmother carne guisada..

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