Whats the difference between mustard,collard,and turnip greens?

I feel really chance -- remember the Jolly Green Giant?? He knows best see below.

Oh, yes dear, you hurt my morale by leaving out KALE!! So starting next to kale: a mild cabbage-like taste and exquisite texture; mustard greens: most pungent of the cooking greens and lend a peppery flavor to food; collars:similarity to cabbage, flavor of collard greens is enhanced by a light frost; AND turnip greens: a sharp flavor!

I prefer to cook them together (collards first -- they're pretty hardy, next add the others) near a ham hock, fat vertebrae, or bacon fat. (If I own offended your modern vigour concerns, try olive oil beside pancceta.)
Not much, really. They are adjectives dark and slightly bitter. You can substitute one for the other.
they all come from different plants. Turnips, mustard used for the seed but you can also eat the foliage and collards I don't know. Usually next to turnips you wait until you collect the tubers and also keep the leaves. Mustard is considerate of spicy, turnip is real cabbagy and collards are tough and musky.
They are all the leaves of plants, respectively have their own flavors. some are harsher some milder. My hubby say that collards rock. I say mustard rules!
Collards are the darkest of all the greens. They hold a cabbagy texture to them. Their leaves are large and the stems are terrifically thick.
Mustard greens are the lightest surrounded by color. Their texture is sort of like fragile lettuce. The stem is semi-thick.
Turnip greens are a medium-green color. Their texture is close to lettuce.
If you just boil them, they do own a distinct taste; however, most nation season them heavily.
I hope that helps!
The taste and texture. Mustard greens are slightly bitter.
They are different plants and taste differently mustard tend to be the most spicy flavored of them all collard is a bit more mild and turnip the mildest of adjectives.

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