Why is it call Italian Wedding Soup?

Italian wedding soup
The nonspecific concensus among the food people is that Italian honeymoon soup (originally known as Minestra Maritata or Pignato Grasso) have nothing to do beside wedding ceremony. This particular "marriage" (maritata is the Italian word for marriage) is between vegetables...or...depending upon the region?...sometimes pork and vegetables, contained by soup. Minestra maritata is usually associated with the southern-most parts of Italy. Recipes next to pork are said to have originate in Napoli [Naples]. The phrase "Italian celebratory soup" appears to be a recent addition to our gastronomic vocabulary. Culinary evidence confirms recipe for soups of this type were simply call (at least contained by American cookbooks) minestrone.
"There are a few stories of how wedding ceremony soup, known also as escarole soup or minestra maritata, come to be called celebratory soup. Most romantic is the notion that for Italian peasants, meats be expensive commodities, and were used sparingly. Therefore, it be an extravagance to serve the two meats, chicken and meatballs, contained by one dish - an extravagance reserved for once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings.

Though I enjoy heard it is habitually eaten at weddings contained by such places as the city of Pittsburgh and the state of Rhode Island, I have not hear of a specific soup being served at weddings surrounded by Italy.

A less capricious and more sensible explanation is that wedding soup is a mistranslation and the origination have nothing to do near weddings. In Italian, when two things go very well together, one can say "si sposono bene" (they are powerfully married), or more to the south in Italy, that they are "maritati" (married)". (Susan Burgess). Meatballs are another "Italian" speciality from America and the best Canaloni I ever ate contained by Italy was from a recipe given by the chef of a New York restaurant! I also prefer American pizza but would be afraid to explain to an Italian! The cheese is different and there is more topping.
because it is what poor folks could afford in Italy so it be served at wedding reception tho i don't think they phone up them receptions later and there have always Been more poor folks afterwards rich so it is called wedding ceremony soup.
because its a wonderful combination of pasta meat and vegetables probably created by an Italian women.

I convey my customers its a perfect nuptials of pasta , meatballs and vegetables they love it .
it's Atalian and they drink it at atalian weddings
Italian Wedding Soup
- 6 servin [Reset]
Keys : Italian Italy European Mediterranean
Ingredients :

2qtChicken stock
1xChopped carrot
1/2xChopped onion
1xChopped celery
2ozGround meat, (or ground vegieburger can be used)
1sprgof chopped parsely

Method :

* Bring chicken stock to a boil add the chopped carrot,celery and onion and lower warmth. Combine ground meat or vegieburger, egg, and parsely, the consistancy of the mixture is kinda loose. Drop in small pieces of the meat mixture, not much larger than a Tablespoon. (making tiny meatballs.) Turn up the warmth and bring to a boil,5 -7 minutes, it is ready when the little meatballs float to the surface.

Italian Wedding Soup
Servings [Reset]
Keys : Italian Italy European Mediterranean
Ingredients :

1/2lbVeal, ground
1/2lbPork, ground
1/2lbBeef, ground
1/2cupBread crumbs
3xEggs, vanquished
1tspParsley flakes
Garlic powder
1/2cupRomano or Parmesan cheese
2cupBread crumbs
3/4cupParmesan cheese
1/2tspParsley flakes
1/4tspPoultry seasoning
1/4tspOnion powder
3xEggs, beaten
1tblButter, melt
1pchBaking powder
Salt and pepper
2qtSalted water
Celery, cut surrounded by small pieces
Onions, cut in small pieces

Method :

* Meatballs: Mix together adjectives ingredients well beside floured hands and roll into tiny meatballs the size of marbles. Should be soft, but firm. Brown meatballs contained by 3 tablespoons butter. Add meatballs and diced chicken to broth.
* Frittata Cubes: Mix all together. Pour into baking sheet. Bake at 325 degree for 10 minutes. Cool and cut into tiny 1/2-inch squares. Add to soup before serving. Broth: Boil unharmed chicken until tender in 2 quarts salted dampen. Set aside chicken to cool. Debone chicken and cut up in small cubes. Strain broth and reserve. Add to generous kettle. Bring to a boil. Add celery and onions. Cook until tender.
* Note: Should be a thin soup. May join shredded escarole, endive or diced carrots.

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