What is the best cut of meat for carne asada?

I have see shoulder, flank, and Lord knows what. What cut make the best?

Any cut you prefer is fine. Although skirt steak is usually the cut! If you use skirt steak be sure and marinate it for at least 12 to 24 hours depending on how much time is available. Happy Cooking!
Any kind....same as regular steak...

Filet mignon make the best. You need to any slice it super thin, or pound it out really delicate, or both.

I like the flavor of ribeye steaks, so I use them. Sirloin have great flavor too, but tends to be really tough.

The item with carne asada is that it have to be really thin, seared really expeditious, then create sure you sprinkle it with brackish, then lime liquid after cooking.
skirt steak should be great for carne asada...it marinates okay and can be tenderized by pounding it with a meat tack hammer and the marbling seems to be simply right for grilling...
One of my favorite dishes and incredibly common contained by New Mexico.

Carne asada is a dish, literally meaning "grilled meat", it is one of the most popular variety of Mexican food, more commonly in the Northern parts of Mexico, surrounded by the states of Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas. It can be found as the main ingredient surrounded by tacos, tortas, burritos, or served alone as a meal.

In Mexico and the American Southwest, the phrase Carne Asada is the equivalent of a barbecue. It is expected in the "party" sense of the word, since the literal translation for barbecue is barbacoa, an entirely different dish surrounded by Mexico.

The dish mainly consists of pieces or bare cuts of beef (i.e. flank steak, skirt steak), sometimes marinated, sometimes lightly salted or rubbed beside salt, pepper and/or spices, and consequently grilled. It can be eaten alone, accompany with side dishes, chopped and eat as tacos, or chopped and used filler for tortas, burritos etc.


It is commonly accompany with guacamole, salsa, beans and grilled scallions. In the San Diego nouns, it is often found served over french fries.
Skirt steak, rib eye, any GOOD QUALITY cut of meat that you can grill. Chops taste pretty angelic too, ribs too. The success of a carne asada is mostly dependent on the standard of the meat. At least I don't marinate for hours and hours, we obtain our meat and lay it on the grill with fajita seasoning, turn it over ONCE individual and cut it into strips to make it endurable, like to put them into a tortilla, and it taste pretty good, but everyone have their own family not to be mentioned, we just don't close to to drown the flavor of the meat with a marinade.
Well.......I think you are wanting to know what really is "carne asada". As some answerer already said, it literally medium Grilled meat.
It's the national food "ASADOS" from Uruguay and Argentine. Is a typical BBQ.
If you have to marinate it.....it wont be "asada"
The BBQ's contained by that countries arent as the ones you already know, that are some steaks on a little bbq surrounded by the garden.
The "asados" in South America, are the in one piece lambs or big pieces of cow meat, grilled on great "parrillas" (huge toasters or grillers)
The best cut to make an asado o carne asada, is to cut long stripes from the ribs of the cows. Even, some pulp call "entrecot" (means between ribs, literally)

There is something called carne asada within México, that is not really roasted..
So...may be would enjoy been better if you would own said which one you were looking for..

Good luck....
Bolo or Loma or skirt steak you cant go wrong beside any of those there adjectives good ...

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