Is chinese food really made from dog and cat?

i hear that people of Korea put away dogs meat but Chinese i think they get through insects
Not the stuff made surrounded by North America. There's probably some places in Asia where on earth they still eat dog and cat.

As one of my Chef Instuctors used to vote, "If it's not a pet and you're not emotionally attached, it's food."
No...why would they risk having their restaurant close?
No, not in the United States or other parts of North America. It may be their custom contained by Asia. I have never be, so I don't know for sure. However, I feel you are secure from eating cats and dogs here.
nooooo !! that is not true. in attendance are parts of the orient where these animals are consumed , but not contained by the United States
Just be carefull. I've specified of 2 restaurants that got caught doing that here within the states. They would actualy take strays and nurture them to their customers. As soon as the authorities find out they shut them down. I love chinese food myself but make sure it is a economically respected buisness. The ones that have done this that I know of are alien buisnesses and didn't last long. If you are consumption at a restaurant that has be there for a few years than they are probably undisruptive.
I believe to be precise only true contained by their home countries, Asia, China & Japan etc. I am pretty sure it is illegal surrounded by the USA.

I rememeber seeing a movie called Faces of Death years ago and they showed adjectives these gross scenes and on be a Asian family picking out a cute puppy and taking it home. Then the mother put it on the counter and cut it break open while it was alive and the kids watching for dinner...Needless to speak I left to room...
Guess they never have a pet...
Maybe surrounded by china, but not here.
They would so get busted
We enjoy enough hippies here surrounded by the states to protect the rights of animals, lol:)
No, Chinese food is not made from dog or cat contained by USA.
no, but within are some restaurants in china and hong kong for instance that serve and cook cats and other animals. i would never devour either a dog or a cat or any animal explicitly not usually considered as meat. to me, its just yuk! though dogs are more of a prettiness in south korea, to some extent than in china.
well, i reckon here in north america they don't. there's no availability.
I can't say for sure if it's cat or dog but own you ever taken a close look at some of the meat? I know that some of it is definately not chicken. But it sure is good!
Your question solely shows how naive and uncultured you really are. Chinese food is not made from dog or cat. It is a significantly refined cuisine which deserves more respect and appreciation.
Chinese eat pretty much anything.
Yes. Just like how your brain is made of mush.
it has happen.
there are some surrounded by the alleys of china probably.
No path.
No! Here within Hong Kong it is illegal to drink dog or cat. Check this website to have a scenery of Chinese food.

How old are you? 8 or 10? Your cross-examine sounds very childish.

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