HoteI - types of banquet set up?

Confernece-for 100 pax. 200 pax- 500- pax
marraiage part -- 300- pax 500 pax, 1000pax
board meeting- 10 pax,20 pax,
sleight of hand show ---
food festivals
birthday gathering
cocktail party
aniversary daytime
extra extra
I need set up pics also

Wow, that's deeply. For most social occasions, it's usually 6-10 top rounds. Business is usually long 8 foots within rows in front of a speaker. You could also do horseshoes depending on the number of those. Weddings and anniversaries are rounds with a skipper table of long rectangle tables. Food festival are almost always longs surrounded by a line, beside plenty of walkway room down the aisles of table.

That's all I can come up near.
huh? What are you asking?
try this info also

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