How far ahead can I cut fruit ?

I have other cut fruit the same time that I was to serve it. But I have need of to know if I can make a fruit salad two days ahead of serving it. I know to use Fruit Fresh to hang on to it from turning brown, but how will it taste that far ahead? What roughly putting the fruit into separate bags and putting it together the hours of darkness before? I want to use strawberries, berries, pineapple, melons, grapes, citrus fruits and kiwi. I know not to try bananas..

Cutting everything a daytime ahead and storing them separately until the day of the event is the answer. The more caustic fruits will begin to break down the smaller amount acidic if you mix the fruit the hours of darkness before. You will loose profusely of the moisture in the fruit, and gain a soup of liquid at the bottom. It is express and easy to put it adjectives together right before you serve it. If possible, rinse and cut the strawberries at the ultimate moment. Also, if the kiwis are ripe, instead of mixing them into the salad, use them on top as a decoration. Ripe kiwis next to fall apart terrifically easily. Be scant about the berries. Use a solid one similar to blueberries. Blackberries, raspberries and the like will turn to mush smartly if you stir the fruit mixture together.
For an unusual and decorative touch, you can use a clear chalice bowl (never plastic) for the fruit salad, and place each fruit surrounded by a layer into the bowl, near the kiwi layer on the top, and the fresh berry shroud right below it. This gives it a classier look, contained by case you want to step up the presentation. Do not use any lemon or sugars, as they will lower the quality of the fruit fairly quickly. Personally, I would go away out the citrus as it's difficult to get it to come out into section without spending profusely of time, and you sound resembling you'd like to collect some time if possible.
If you donate lemmon juice or a similar sour, it will keep the fruit from turning brown.
For the most quantity, just product sure to add some lemon or lime liquid to keep it from turning brown. Beware of freezing, though -- some fruits will do alright, but strawberries and citrus fruits can get hold of really mushy when you thaw them out.
Covered and kept from nouns, it should keep two days. After you hold made the salad, spray it with filter lemon juice (use a coffee filter). The citric sour in the lemon liquid will keep the colors from ''turning''. Don't give your juice (orange, apple or whatever) until you are organized to serve. Otherwise the fruit will get soggy. GGAAAKKKK!! Good luck!
you can cut it up to a few days back you want it, the trick is to put lemmon juice over it when your done so it stays fresher longer. and it doesn't win brown.
a day or 2 at the most depending on storage
You can cut the melons, pineapple and the grapes 2 days( but 1 would be better) ahead but the rest I would cut the hours of darkness before or the morning of the event. Don't freeze it because it cause it to go transparent when it thaw.
go buy some freaking fruit salad already put within a container

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