What brand is that perfume that adjectives strippers wear, ya know, they adjectives own that same smell?

the perfume of choice is Cool Water for women. it doesn't brake the bank and it smells correct even when you sweat.
that smell is call sweat & beer. mmmm....
ur funny haha! possibly a mixture of random mens cologne
i dont not know
lol. their fav pefume sprayed on a lot...
Its called --- "gimme your money after you budge to the ATM"
It's call "Pheromones"!?
French Whore
It's when they spray for a moment bit of all their cheap cologne on so you'll save sticking 20's in their thongs....
Eau de Anchovies
probably some cheap crap, a angelic perfume is Chanel#5
regardez mais ne touchez pas cologne

look but don't touch
I'm not sure but they sell it at the $1.00 shop.
From Australia, philippines, Malayia, Middle East, Europe & The United Kingdom, you can smell it!
Just the girls look different & you forget what they looked similar to at all anyway.
It's called TATERS SWEAT.
Eu De Crotch Rot.
My husband says ..."If it smells resembling fish, make it a dish. If it smells approaching cologne, leave it alone..."
dirty coochie
Although I am not a stripper; I've hear that they use Love's Baby Soft.

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