Pirate Party Food?

I am really uncreative, and my son is turning 6 next month and requirements a Pirate party.

I found a Pirate Ship cake, but bar that, I am at a loss on what else to do with the food.

Any thinking would be helpfull.

Pirates were agreed to carry animals next to them for food- usually pigs and chickens- this makes chicken wing and pork ribs a natural for the do.
Citrus fruits were a necessity-fruit punch beside floating fruit will be a fun addition to the group too.
a game of "walking the plank" would be fun-
You could get some of those "gold ingots coins" that have chocolate within them. They come in little mesh plenty and would go resourcefully with your area. You could also have a bowl of trail mix and hail as is "treasure" mix (you could hide some little trinkets surrounded by it).

"Pirate" Pizza
"Peg-leg" Pizza

Good luck.
My 5 yr feeble grandson had a pirate get-together. He had the cake and the gold ingots wrapped coins. His mom and dad went to the dollar store and bought swords and some other stuff that pertained to pirates. They have quite a bit of the stuff. Bought handkerchief, for the kids to tie on their heads. Had a ship pinata,made and bursting with different candies and the kids have to hit it with the swords. The kids have a blast.
LOVE the coin view above!

Go to a party supply store and see if you can find some small treasure chests. Put snacks surrounded by them.

Give them long pretzel sticks as swords (maybe not on second thought... eyes getting poked out, etc.)

Serve chicken fingers and call them "poor Polly". (maybe funnier for the adults than the kids). Call the Ketchup pirates blood.

Get a skull and crossbones and put it at the bottom of the punch bowl. And cause the punch a bright garrish color.

You could also serve "octopus hotdogs" on a bed of mac n cheese (recipe below) and try to find some small skeletons to put on there too.
Just for fun, I did five minutes' worth of research into what pirates actually ate/drank. Chances are, you don't want to nurture your son (and his friends) goat, seagull, dog or cat, and have them hose it down with rum mixed beside raw potatoes (yes, really).

How give or take a few "typical" party fare, but next to pirate-related names? Such as "Walk-the-Plank Punch" or "Crow's Nest Cookies" (served out of a picnic basket on top of a "mast").

Or how roughly "decking" the house with Jolly Roger flags? Or possibly screening the designs onto T-shirts (and each kid get one as a souvenir)...





...just be paid sure you supply some oranges, so nobody gets scurvy (aarrrr!)
Bake some Cornish game hens. You can nickname them parrots. Polly wanna cracker? Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggg!!
Serve hotdog with pirate sail attached. Popcorn, goldfish, Swedish fish and gummy worms make biddable "fish bait." Cake and ice cream. Red punch for "crocodile blood punch."
Scary fish made out of a watermelon. Cut small v's at one close of the watermelon to resemble a mouth with teeth and measure out the insides into little melon balls. Then teem the fishes mouth back up beside the melon balls, grapes, etc.

Blue jello beside gummy octopuses suspended in the middle to look approaching the ocean.

Ice cream cone cupcakes adorned like pirates- including a marriage ceremony band earring.
fruit kabobs
goldfish crackers
cake or cupcakes bejewelled with toothsome "treasure" (chocolate gold coins, precious stone colored candies)
They in actual fact have potato chips call Pirates Booty if you can find them.

The link might minister to.

This site have tons of ideas for adjectives ages and every theme. From games, to food, to invitations! I've used it A LOT! Check it out:

I would make profusely of finger/snack foods for the kids and give them pirate name....miniature hot dogs could be called "Hook's Toes" and I would buy those chocolate coins wrapped surrounded by gold foil and put surrounded by a centerpiece made to look like a treasure chest....supply little toys from the dollar store and let the kids respectively have a seize bag to compress up themselves before they give. Tell on the invitation that everone can come dressed up as a pirate (only requires a hat an a handmade eye patch) and the celebration "sets sail" at a particular time ---rent the movie "Hook" for them to study during the party ---you'll enjoy a great time with this matter!

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