Bachelorette Party foods?

i am co-hosting a lingerie/ bachelorette party for a friend and we are looking for celebration foods that look 'naughty' (without having to buy the shaped pan or cookie cutters etc) or new name for everyday party favorites (chips & dip, etc) that nouns naughty or dirty. any fun unforced ideas are welcome!!

Weiners & balls:

For sauce, thaw out half grape jelly & partly chili sauce. Put in little smokies and frozen meatballs.

Serve "sloe screws" to drink (sloe gin & OJ). Have shots of "sex on the beach" or "hot sex".
Make a cheese globe (any recipe will do) but shape it into a Penis intead of a ball.
Fill a bowl near melon balls.

Have fun.
Nanny Ogg's Strawberry Wobbler (from the Terry Pratchett book, Nanny Ogg's Cookbook, page 64)

I don't have the exact recipe near me, but here's the basic concept:

Make strawberry gelatin with cream for a nice pinkish color. Set within properly-shaped champagne flutes, the long ones, ahem. (If you don't have them, I don`t know borrow some). Once solid, remove with a butter blade and arrange on a plate with two scoop of strawberry ice cream, strategically placed, and a dollop of cream, also strategically placed.

I've never see this, but i can't get the photograph out of my head and I'd love to know how it turns out.
This website has adjectives sorts of ideas for party:


This is actually from the food see so you know this will help:

This is a guide for finger foods and disobedient parties!: -
How about making some of the following:

1. Cheese "Logs" (in your most favorite shape) beside savory crackers
2. Tit-alyzing Pate(Breast shaped pate with nipples made from pimento)
3. Jello shots from hi-heels (plastic ones you can take at the crafts store)
4. Love Ambrosia salad
5. "Who's Your Daddy?" meatballs in barbecue sauce
6. Aphrodisiac Artichoke dip
7. Ice cubes near things in them (when they liquefy you can keep the "prize"
8. Love Potion champagne punch
9. "Buns of Steel" miniature roastbeef sandwich
10. "Tonight's The Night" pigs in a blanket
you can get "shaped" pasta at gag and full-grown stores
weiners and (meat)balls
blo job cocktails

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