What is the white foamy slimy stuff that comes out of chicken when you cook it?

It is the fat.. It's merely the same as if you put butter surrounded by a pan of boiling dampen... Fat is fat... It alll melt..

The MBA didn't answer the question. I reflect she was looking at the wrong set of requirements... Hmm... (Sorry couldn't resist..)
That is found mostly contained by KFC chicken. It is caused by the steroids that alot of manufacture use. Try using free range chicken and you will be amazed at the difference.
It's the curvy.
fat from the chicken.
You are boiling it instead of frying or searing it.

This shows that your heat is too low.
The same thing will appear with beef or pork if you don't own the heat big enough.

Sorry, but it's the moisture coming out - so only just turn up the heat!

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You involve to clean it below the skin better by cutting the skin & plump. If you're boiling it then that's the proteins & large cooking out of it, but if you cut the fat & skin stale you wont have it.
That's why when you munch through boiled chicken you dont gain much weight the large & proteins that would do that are gone. Now i think of it when my mom & sister made chicken for stuffing she would cut that stale & no prob, but when my sister cooked it for the dog she didnt because he needed the fat...boiling it would spawn foam & that is what that be water bubbles built from proteins(foam) & stout would float in that...the (slimy) stuff you speak of.
I agree beside the other answer, turn up the heat
that would be the chicken stout. one way to find rid of it, is before marinating it and after wash it, to go within between the skin and where adjectives of the excess mushy stuff is and kind of verbs it out (carving, cutting, etc.) - that should stamp out the amount that comes out and sometimes even making the chicken tastier :)
well this sounds gross i enjoy never seen white stuff comin out of chickens , are u sure the chickn is unconscious? maybe it a manly chicken
If you're boiling your chicken then it's probably a combination of the proteins contained by the chicken's blood and the fat on chicken.
It's individual the sweat draining from the pores in it's skin , no big settlement : )

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