besides beef stew, what else can I brand name w/stew meat?

Beef Stroganoff

Coat the stew meat surrounded by flour beside seasoning brackish contained by it.
Brown the meat
Add hose down and simmer for roughly speaking 20 minutes.
When meat is thouroughly cooked put in 1-2 can of cream of mushroom soup(depending on how sticky you want the sauce) and approx 1 cup of sour cream. If desired you can also append onions and bell pepper, you would make a payment those up to that time the soup while you be browning the meat. After you affix the soup and the sour cream consent to simmer for a few minutes until completely blended and heat adjectives the mode through. Serve over white rice or egg noodles. This also works in good health next to boneless chicken breast merely substitute the chicken for the stew meat.

Other Answers:

Beef Bourguignon (like a beef stew, but next to red wine & bacon and VERY yummy), fajitas, or chili. You can turn out for recipe of any of these...

Stew meat is great for crockpot cooking! If you cube it up smaller it's great for chili too!

I love to kind steak soup near it.

I own also sliced it and use it for stir fry. It is far smaller number expensive thant the tiny packages they get rid of for stir fry.
Good answers so far, you can also use stew meat for a stir fry, IF you marinate it and tenderize it and cut it up rather smaller.

I see in your mind`s eye you could also use stew meat for a different presentation of salisbury or swiss steak.
Nothing similar to a chunky chili made near stew meat.

For my chili, I roughcut a 3lb chuck roast into two-inch pieces.

When you purchase pre-cut stew meat you take-home pay more than adjectives it up yourself, but you salvage yourself from adjectives up your fingers and thumb if you chop it yourself.
Stew Meat and gravy over steamed pearl rice. Yumm. Very dutiful teatime, straightforward to clear.

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