Substitute for chives?

I'm making a frittata tomorrow morning and just realize it calls for chives (along near spinach, tomato and cream cheese). I wondered if Cilantro would be a good substitute, or if some mild onion would be better.

In my inference Cilantro wouldn't be the best choice it has such a predominant over powering. I'd use Italian parsley or green onion tops or both. Chives have a taste of it's complicated to substitute.You can always use vidalia onions or chopped red onions...diced fine and soaked surrounded by ice river remove any strong taste it might own.but now it's summer and the onions should be sweet. Just remembered Tarragon would be a dutiful spice to add to your other ingredients.
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Mild onion would probably be a closer substitute. I love cilantro, but it have a very strong & distinct flavor i.e. quite different from chives.
you can use green onions, shallots, any type of regular onion. Red onion would be pungent. Really you can use anything you want in a frittata. Think of it as a great method to get rid of remainder in your fridge. i normally will make a frittata near whatever i own one hand. ultimate time I used ham, capers, red onion and sliced cooked potatoes. Be creative!
Chives are the tops of onions so a mild onion will do, better nonetheless if you have some green onions chop the green tops sour of them.

you can substitute green onions for chives or scallions. Since they are bigger than chives, generally, the outcome may hold a slightly different look to it, but it should taste pretty similar.
i would use some parsley and finely diced onion, hence you still have the green fresh look beside the mild taste of onion (you can also grate the onion beside a cheese grater so you get onion flavor minus big chunks of onion)
I don't know any good cook who hasn't substituted spring onions or green onions for chives at one time or another. They do it surrounded by many restaurant kitchens. Cilantro, however, might be simply as good. Try it.
Mild onion would be better. Cilantro or as we here contained by NZ call it coriander, is completely different. Chives, shallots, garlic,leeks and something call self-propagating leeks are all pretty much interchangeable, if you allow for the reality that the strengths of their taste differ and they look different. The self-propagating leeks be given to us in 1982. They've be growing in our garden ever since near no attention. We use them whenever we run out of any of the others. See if you can get some. If you lived contained by NZ I'd mail you some.
Green onion tops. A little bit stronger flavor but I use them adjectives the time. Often get them on baked potato within restraunts instead of chives. Cheaper and always available.
a substitue for chives contained by all recipe is tarragon.but onion is also alright
I'd go next to the onion. Chives are part of the onion relatives.
Chives do have a strong flavor that can be best substituted beside scallions. The green part is enormously mild and hardly well-known by immature pallates close to children. The white parts are a little bit stronger. Your breakfast sounds delectable, can I come too.
i would not use cilantro.cilantro is really not even close in flavor to chives..use green onions (scallions).or even shallots

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