I inevitability an egg substitute for dipping and frying?

I enjoy an egg allergy and wonder if anyone have a suggestion as to what to dip food into since frying..as i cant use egg and milk combo. milk by itself is too runny to hold coating. thankfulness!=)

2 CUPS FLOUR 1 CUP SODA WATER OR BEER(FOR FLAVOR ONLY) # tbsp saline and hot pepper to swallow. TaaaaaaDaaaaaaaaaa tempura batter no egg no milk

Other Answers:

egg beaters

Try using those pseudo egg subsitutes, that should combat your allergy. I am no expert though, I of late love to cook.

I use egg beaters myself...they work capably!

how in the region of mayo?

mayonnaise + flour will work powerfully too

i construe egg beaters are an egg-product.. depends on how severe your allergy is.mayo and dressings hold eggs contained by them too.the yolk is worst chunk for allergy.

This is not an egg subsitute. But I use beer to dip my food within until that time frying. Use a flour mixture, seasoned beside garlic saline, pepper and season brackish. Dip twice. It will stay crisp and the alcohol within beer will cook out.

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