How long is too long to marinate meat?

How to Marinate Meat

Marinating meat is one of the best ways to bequeath it more flavor and to tenderize it at duplicate time. It's foolproof if you follow a few simple guidelines.

1. Trim the meat so that it's prepared for cooking. You shouldn't hold to cut or trim the meat after it's be marinated.

2. Mix together the marinade according to its recipe.

3. Notice whether the marinade contains these three knob ingredients: sharp (such as wine, lemon liquid or vinegar), brackish or alcohol. Each one reduce the amount of time the meat should marinate.

4. Combine the meat and marinade within a nonreactive, hermetic container. Make especially sure not to use aluminum or style iron, and try to avoid metal altogether, rather.

5. Marinate surrounded by a sealable plastic daypack if you can. You can turn these over regularly, ensure that adjectives surfaces carry coated contained by the marinade.

6. Immediately place the container within the refrigerator. Never marinate meat at room heat.

7. See tips for marinating times.

8. When all set to cook, be sure to treat the marinated meat next to matching diligence you would treat any coarse meat.

9. Discard the marinade after use.

Any marinade that contains tart, alcohol or brackish should not be used for terrifically long, because it will chemically "cook" or denature the food surrounded by it. Marinate food within these marinades for smaller amount than 4 hours. Marinades that contain citrus juice, especially lemon or lime liquid, should be used for one and only two hours or smaller number. Marinades that contain no brackish, acerbic or alcohol can be marinated overnight or, surrounded by some cases, longer.

Although marinades thwart bacterial growth and sustain extend food's existence, remember that the food within them is still unprocessed and must be treated as such.

Do not reuse a marinade

Other Answers:

Something resembling 2 weeks, I estimate

2 years is too long.

I've departed meat within the refrigerator contained by marinade for a couple of days. After that, I devise it would start to break the meat down and brand name it "mushy".

1 year

a year?

As long as the meat stays apt so 3 to 5 days depending on how fresh it is.

If you do it any longer than 12 hours the meat starts to walk impossible.


Over a week unless its frozen contained by the marinate consequently as long as you resembling.

more than 12 hrs is too much


3 days!Unless you are cooking German dishes!

It depends on the meat, and the marinade. Beef and pork can sit surrounded by a marinade for a long time (like a week, or more if it have preservatives within it). Chicken, no more than a sunshine or you'll flood it next to flavor. Fish, a few hours tops.

Its worthy till the meat go spoil. I usually marinate for 24hrs. at least possible

no longer than the meat will closing 4-5 days

When the meat starts to acquire mushy, it's be marinating too long.

probably until it finds a natural life of it's own
Chicken I know, You shouldn't give notice it for more than a week, even beside a marinade.

i've done it over nite so..........

I dont reflect on in attendance is a time impede on marinating. Just dont tolerate the meat move about unpromising.

when the meat starts smelling rotten is too long.

48 hours at most but usually depends on the marinade. Typical marinade times are between 2-24 hours for chicken, steaks, ribs, etc... 24hrs to 48hrs for larger pieces of meat (roasts, shanks, leg of lamb, around that size)

It depends on the acididy of the marinade. The more the vinegar and seasoning, the shorter the time.

when it starts to lose its color possibly?

It really depends on the type of meat and marinade. Poultry should hold a max of around 24 hours within the marinade. Any longer than that, and here will be no added benefit for the increased risk of salmonella. Also, remember to chill the marinade previously introducing it to the poultry. If the marinade is reheat, this can effect problems near giving germs a flawless place to breed. Beef and pork can turn as long as 1-3 days. Much longer than that, and you risk the meat going bleak. Ideally though, any marinade will hold your mead flavored and set inwardly 2-12 hours. Also, consider a brine to keep hold of meat moist, and later baste or dry rub since cooking.

no more than an hour for beef it will turn mushy

I'd dislike intensely to put away at the homes of those relatives who said a year.
In the fridge anything more than 48 hours is pushing it, unless you know it be butchered the time you purchased it, surrounded by which grip I would voice 4 days tops as long as your marinade isn't to bitter. I especially regularly put my marinade on the meat back freezing, it's not going to do much for the meat while its frozen, but it's one smaller number article to hold to do when I thieve it out to liquefy.

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