Are you supposed to refrigerate vegemite/marmite ?

I bought some Vegemite off of EBAY because it is loaded beside B Vitamins, Are you supposed to refrigerate it after its open ?

I enjoy never ever in my existence refrigerated marmite. It's mostly saline FGS!! It will never go bad, but it does get more concentrated over the years - my grandmother have some that is terrifically very feeble and very hugely concentrated - I love it!
No, it is so full of saline nothing will injure it and it won't go bad
No, no want, us aussies just go away it in the pantry
Warning Warning Warning

Vegemite will go stale if you leave it out surrounded by the open.

However, the clever little Aussies own a way to exterminate and harmful microbes, they sing the Vegemite song which not only sterilizes 10 year ripened vegemite but scares stale Mormons.

See the link below.
Nope... keep it within the pantry and it will be fine.... But you should have bought Marmite... it taste soooooo much better :)

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