What is the recipie for Easter egg coloring using vinegar and food dye?

Use boiling water, a teaspoon or 2 of vinegar and a few drops of food coloring.

The vinegar is an acerbic, it starts dissolving the calcium in the eggshell which help the egg absorb the color.
Just mix about partly and half vinegar and heat water and give a few drops of food coloring to the cup. You can add more or smaller number or mix it to change shades and colors.
just a guess ... vinegar and food dye
vinegar alows the dye to stick to the egg easier. a cool thing is to head off the egg in viegar for the weekend the study as the shell just vanish as the embrio is left
place the eggs in food colouring near a few drops of vinegar added. Leave the eggs in the dye until they're other colored.
to dye your eggs more than one color just use scotch cassette or masking cartridge to cover parts of the egg and dip into a light colored dye. When the eggs are totally dry go the tape on but in a minute add more cartridge and dip them again into a darker color dye. Continue doing this using more video and darker and dark colored dyes until you have the effect you want. When the dye is totally dry next just coat off adjectives the tape and you'll own beautifully colored easter eggs

drizzly the eggs and place pieces of colored crepe paper on the eggs. When the crepe thesis is removed the color will stay behind.

soak different colors of crepe serious newspaper in hot river. Use a different bowl for different colors. Add the egg to the desired color and leave until desired color is reach.

Place eggs in egg cups. Fill treatise cups about in the middle with different colors of food coloring. Cut a sponge into small pieces and attach it to a clothespin and dip the sponge into the food coloring. Lightly mop the sponge over the top half of the egg. After the egg is dry later turn the egg over and repeat the procedure.

Glue stuff on the easter eggs. Some ideas are: sequins, buttons, lace or ribbons, small pressed flowers, decals, stickers, sequins
Combine 1 cup boiling hose down, 1 teaspoon vinegar and specified number of food color drops, listed below, within a cup to achieve desired colors. Repeat for respectively color. Dip hard-cooked eggs in dye for nearly 5 minutes. Use a slotted spoon, wire egg holder or tongs to append and remove eggs from dye. Allow eggs to dry.
somewhat bit of vinegar, then boiling sea and make it the color you want the egg to be..........
FRUGERNI has it correct, stir with his answer!
We used to just put within a teaspoon of vinegar into each cup of dye, it apparently sets the color. Here's a tip for a great color. Save adjectives your onion skins, (the outer crispy brown ones) and put them in hose and simmer for a half hour or so until the sea is dark. Dip your cooked eggs into this hose down. They will color a beautiful grey honey color (the longer you leave them the dark they will be.)

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