Can I substitute cayenne pepper for red chili flakes?

The recipe calls for red chili flakes or the hot, small chilis. But I do not enjoy both. The only entry in my pantry are cayenne pepper and chili powder. What will be a devout substitute?

Cayenne is better. It is essentially super fine red pepper flakes. But don't saute it in grease (most recipes call upon for pepper flakes to be sauted), add it to swallow at the end of the dish.

You don't want to use chili powder because it isn't made of chiles. It's a blend of spices intended for making chili...

Please don't listen to devil dogs...the second name for cayenne pepper is ground pepper. And chile flakes are regularly called crushed red pepper...It adjectives comes down to how you use it rather than what it is. You'll be fine as long as you partiality test.
I chew over that would probably be fine.
not chili powder. that would taste completely different that what red chili flakes would do for the recipe. yeah, you can use the cayenne pepper, but impossible to tell apart thing applies. it would probably come out smaller number hellacious. (hot)
Use the cayenne pepper. Be careful, though, it's pretty hot, so attach it a little at a time and nibble test.
Do not use cayenne pepper. Not matching as chile peppers, hence the cross cayenne. Use mild, medium, or hot, powdered chili. The crushed pepper is made from those little asian red dried pepper. Cayenne is in the family circle of black, and white pepper---not a chile pepper. Do the right thing for your guests.
Nope, doing so will grounds a chain hypersensitivity and the ensuing explosion will probably put to death everything in a ten mile radius. Kidding, it should be fine as long as you dont mind a slight soft spot difference.

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