"How to reheat trays of frozen, homemade chicken enchiladas minus drying them out?

Should I thaw them first? My mom suggests thaw, then cooking for 40 minutes surrounded by 350 degrees. I want to trade name them for company, but I'm afraid they will dry out. Do I add hose down, what?

Yes, you should thaw them first. Not doing so can create hot spots inside the food as it is heating and possibly dry out the edges while trying to cook the center. Once thaw, you have two choices for cooking. One, you may wrap aluminum foil on top and heat at 350 degrees until the product is cooked and later remove the foil and brown the top if you would like. Two, surface a oven safe dish near hot water and place surrounded by the oven 15 minutes before tallying the enchilades. This provides moisture in the oven while the cooking and help prevent them from drying out. Good luck.

Chef Gumbo
Don't add river! I pre-freeze enchiladas in regular cake pan, then in recent times go from freezer to oven. I usually put the container in a cold oven, set the oven to 350, and saunter away for an hour. However, I don't bake them at adjectives before I freeze them...
i freeze mine adjectives the time. i thaw them contained by the fridge, then i fry them at 350 degrees beside foil on top to trap the moisture. they're always as biddable as if i just made them!
I agree beside your mom about thaw them first - but thaw them within the fridge so they never come up to an unsafe food temp.

If they're cooked already, you could reheat them in the oven, or you could even try the microwave after thaw.

I would suggest putting some aluminum foil over them as they cook so they don't dry out. Remove the foil for the last 10-15 minutes of cooking to brown up the top.

Then, dispatch some to me.
Do not add marine. Just thaw them surrounded by the fridge. Cover in foil (no holes) and boil. They'll be fine. I do it all the time.
put a tub of water on the bottom rack of your oven while cooking the steam created will give support to keep them from drying out. it will also support you clean your oven...lol

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