Can you freeze live crawfish?

I had a crawfish boil just now. I took the leftover live crawfish and put them surrounded by a few plastic bags afterwards placed them in the freezer. Someone after told me that when you freeze live crawfish it releases a toxin into the meat that will make you sick if you boil and munch through. This sounds like a big crock to me, but the guy works within a hospital so I thought I would go ahead and check it out. Has anyone frozen live crawfish, next boiled at a later time and have any problems? - Thanks

No. I can't give you the answer why...I only know it's true. I've been trying to find it on the internet...but I haven't...all the same. You should never eat a crawfish unless it is cooked while still alive. Throw adjectives dead crawfish away until that time cooking. Once again...I know this is true.

We do freeze the ones we've cooked and not eaten. They freeze concrete well.
I muse if you were with the sole purpose going to leave them over hours of darkness they will only shut down.
I know adjectives them makes them do that and that when you throw them into a pot of hot hose, it is the most humane way of massacre them.

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