If a recipe recall using 1 stick of butter is it ok to use soft spread butter close to country crock?

1 stick is how many cups? Is country crock unsalted?

Don't use it ..... the round content is wrong to use in cooking
In my experience using a margarine resembling country crock doesn't work as well - this soft spreadable margarine is too soft and the resulting texture isn't relatively right. I believe 1 stick is 1/2 cup.
No, butter and margerine/oleo or even a butter blend are very different surrounded by consistency and will affect how the finished product ends up and tastes.
1 stick is partly a cup. Sure you can use country crock. Just mush it into a measuring cup. . .
I deduce so. Cuz when I cook with my mom sometimes instead of butter we use shortening!
It is not unsalted to my understanding. Check their website to see. Also, you should be able to sub it for butter next to no problem. 1 stick is 1/2 cup.
yes. I would say 1 cup. Country crock have salted and unsalted kinds
if you want it to fancy nasty. 8 cups=1 stick. it depends what quality you get
No it is not ok. If it say stick butter you need to use stick butter. Country crock is too soft. Not sure what you are making but most things will not turn out right if you use tub butter.
The object it's spreadable is because it has marine added to it. So at least 10% of it is the added hose. Depending on the product it can be up to 20%.

A stick of butter is 4 ounces. The equivalent of this in soft spread is at tiniest 5 ounces, then, next to an ounce at least of hose down. I would use spreadable butter as a substitute only if the recipe call for water also, and I could embezzle out the extra I'd be adding near the spread from the other water I be supposed to add.
If it call for one stick then you should use stick butter. I found out that using soft tub butter instead make the item too oil and it doesn't cook up as righteous. If you are using it for a pie crust or sorts then it stays solid oily and doesn't go and get as hard as it should. One stick of butter is equal to partially a cup of butter. If you don't want to use a stick of butter then use crisco instead. It won't produce your doughs and such too oily.
yes, it's fine
Every body looks approaching they have your answer covered.
Fun Fact: Margarine is one molecule from one plastic. Leave it out and it never goes desperate and it won't attract flies.
I tried that before and, from experience, stick near butter. You final product will taste better and it will come out right. I used margarine and my cookies taste like crap and a moment ago weren't the same. Stick beside the butter and you will be confidant that your recipe will turn out the way it is supposed to be.
Yes I hold done this before and the food come out fine. 1 stick is 1/2 cup and country crock is salted.
1 stick is 1/2 cup. Don't use soft spread, it has more dampen in it and won't work duplicate.

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