Is your asparagus stringy?

if not, how do you pick it,prep it, cook it, chomp through it?

You probably over cooked it. When you buy asparagus try and buy the thinest stalks you can, that don't look too woody. To prepare it you should wash it contained by cold water consequently gently snap sour the bottoms where ever they break when you kind-heartedly bend the stalk. Then i like to roast it or saute it briefly.

To roast, coat near a little olive grease and sean with saline and pepper, roast at 400 degree for roughly 20-30 mins. It should be bright green and easy to pierce beside a fork, but NOT mushy!

to saute, satue in a short time butter or olive oil for roughly 3 mins, unitl bright green and just tender. At he amazingly end try addind a tsp of dijon to the container, yummy!
Yes, it is usually stringy
If you have the thicker asparagus it can be stringy, especially toward the bottom.

The best trick is to appropriate the spear and hold the tips, one in respectively hand. Bend the spear and it will break bad, leaving the most tender constituent with the tip within one hand, and the sometimes-tough-woody expire with the underside in the other. Then you can basically pitch the woody end!
yes always its so irritating
EWWW!! i hate asparagus!
Just peel the asparagus resembling you would with a carrot. and snap it at its "natural" point.

Blanch them contained by boiling salted water, later quickly sautee them surrounded by butter.
i usually avoid this by using a veggie peeler on the lower partly and snapping off the toughest division. you get to put away alot more of the stalk that way. you can also use a peeler on the tougher parts of broccoli to reveal the tender element of the stem before cooking it.

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