what is the difference between macaroni and pasta??

The Italian possession Macaroni first appeared contained by the 13th century and be applied to mixed shapes, from flat to lumpy. It is frequently paired beside cheese and used surrounded by baked pasta dishes.

Other Answers:

macaroni is a pasta

Macaroni is lately a type (shape) of pasta.

Macaroni is one form of pasta. Pastas catalogue from penne and angel tresses up to linguine and fettucine, as all right as rotini, rigatoni, etc.

to me they adjectives impossible to tell apart

cameroon is an african country.

Macaroni is a type or shape of pasta.

macaroni is a pasta. Macaroni is the type of pasta.

maccaroni is a shape of pasta

All answers above are not so accurate. Macaroni is a form of pasta which is hollow within the middle.


pasta is a generic occupancy for frequent types of pasta. linguine, penne, rigatoni, lasagna, fettuccine, spaghetti, bow tie, macaroni, shells, are adjectives types of pasta.

Macaroni is a type of pasta.

macaroni is a pasta, its adjectives pasta spaghetti,noodles,lasagna, penne

If I'm correct macaroni is a TYPE of pasta...Just as Bowtie,vermillcelli,spaghetti,...

Macaroni looks similar to little elbows and pasta can be formed within adjectives shapes and sizes.

Pasta comes surrounded by masses shaped and forms and macaroni is one of them

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