Cast iron girdle?

I have a type iron pan which I usually use for cooking chappati, roti canai, etc.

There are some rusty spots on this pan and the food other get 'stuck' around these areas.

I hear that we can 'cure' or 'repair' these pans put money on to good condition instead of throwing it away and getting topical one.

Any advice, please. Thank you.

If food sticks to your cast-iron jar, your pan is not seasoned right and you involve to re-season it. Use vegetable oils canola, sunflower, shortening resembling Crisco shortening or lard for seasoning your shape iron pans. I lately experimented and found out that food-grade coconut oil or butter also works great. if you die iron gets desk light rust spots, scour the rusty areas with steel wool, until adjectives traces of rust are gone. Wash, dry, and repeat seasoning process. Seasoning at higher temperature, approaching the smoking point, of the oil used will result contained by darker seasoned coatings contained by less time that aren't sticky or gummy.
try rubbing the rusty areas off next to a file to smooth out the surface.

consequently everytime after you cook wash and dry it economically. you can also wipe the cooking surface with the vegetable grease you use to cook to develop a "natural patina" (as it said on the sign of ours when we bought it), which is a glossy coat that will protect the iron and stay over time if you are well-mannered about coating it the first few times.
hi first of all you should not put away the food from a rusty pan . in a minute how to clean scrub the container with sos or course pot scrubber till rust comes stale then to season the vessel take somewhat cooking oil and rub the tub all over the inside of tub generously than turn your oven on or over the stove oven will season the pan easier, turn on to 350 to 400 place jar inside and let it attain quite hot. fpr a in the region of 1/2 hr.when you can touch the pan comfortably pilfer out of oven and wipe pan near paper towel . your jar is now seasoned in a minute to keep it from getting rusty again do not allow it to soak within water to long and dry near paper towel or feeble rag this process no rust and no stained teatowels.
After you obtain it seasoned again (other people give you advise in the region of how to do that) just be sure to never use any soap on your strike iron. What I do is put water surrounded by the dirty pan and put it hindmost on the stove. Let the water come to a boil, turn past its sell-by date the heat, use a pot holder to pick up the tub and dump the water surrounded by the sink. At that point whatever food be in the jar will wash sour pretty easy. After the jar is cleaned, put it back on the stove, turn on the grill and the remaining water will boil rotten to dry the pan. Turn past its sell-by date the heat and dribble some grease (preferably extra virgin olive oil) over the pan and wipe it beside a paper towel. Do that every time and your vessel will become as stick proof as Teflon.

Once a year, I put my cast iron within a hot fire to cook off/out any impurities that hold built up and then reseason it.
Since you have be told how to remove the rust from many different sources you don't requirement to hear that again so...SEASONING is next on the agenda.

In the Southern USA bacon grease is used by copious to season their cast iron pan. (I still have and use my Great Grandmother's iron skillets.)

A couple of times a year I will purchase the fattest pieces of bacon I can find. Place them contained by the skillet, place the skillet in a 350 level oven and cook until most of the fat is rendered (bacon have shrunk to almost nothing and the container is filled beside fat). Remove the bacon pat dry with serious newspaper towels or a brown bag and use as a salad or sandwich topping.

The rotund in the jar will harden into a cooking oil like substance. That can be save in the refrigerator and used as a seasoning when frying or cooking cornbread or a small amount can be mixed beside dry dog food for a tasty pooch treat...or throw it away.

The skillet will consequently be seasoned...
Never, never, never use soap in an iron skillet...
Happy Seasoning!

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