how did people cook in the 1800s?

Using Gas Stove, woods, Coals, and I don`t know brick oven.

They still use Brick oven within guaranteed countries, such as Italy, because they wan to manufacture them "Old Fashion", usually they use it to formulate pizza...mmm...getting hungry! lol

Other Answers:

it be for the most part within ovens that use wood and charcoal.

on wood stoves and brick ovens

I don't know. I enjoy never cooked anything in the vicinity that heat...1800 degree WOW!


pots and kettles over a wood burning fireplace looking contraption.

The same route they still do within the 3rd world:
Open fire, big pots, clay ovens, cut down trees for firewood, etc.

If you want to see how culture cooked contained by the 1800's frontier, you can rent the Frontier House DVD or hang around until it's re-run on PBS.

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