Can i substitute crushed croutons for bread crumbs within chicken parmesan recipe?

Yes. Just make sure you "smash" up the bread crumbs first. Try putting them within a zip lock backpack and pounding them, them coat the chicken. Really good thought by the way, I will hold to remember that!
Yes, you can also use stuffing mix. Just as good as the regular crumbs.
Yes. I deliberate that would taste upright!
yes in reality it would probably be better if the croutons are flavored it would go powerfully with the Parmesan and you enjoy created your own dish
Yup I'd pulse them in a processor first, but yeah stir ahead and use them
Absolutely. Flavored ones would be yummy!
Sure! Sounds good, and probably will enjoy more flavor than plain ol' bread crumbs!
Yes, just toast the bread previously adding it.

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