What does squirrel taste like?

squirrel aroma similar to chicken
particularly soft and tender

Squirrel Nuggets
Sent contained by by Domenick Ottoviani.

~ squirrels, amount depends how hungry you are
~ 1 generous onion, chopped
~ couple stalks celery, chopped
~ 1 - 2 carrot, chopped
~ peppercorns
~ hose down, beer or chicken stock
~ flour
~ paprika
~ beer

Clean and quarter squirrels. Add to a roomy soup pot. Cover next to hose, beer or chicken stock.

Add the onion, celery, carrot and peppercorns to chew.

Bring to a boil, cut back grill and simmer until meat is tender.

Remove meat from pot and cool. Remove bones. Keep the meat surrounded by nugget size pieces.

In a bowl, mix some flour and beer together to a "gravy consistency". Season to bite next to paprika.

Dip the nugget into the batter and vast fry to a golden brown.

Serve near ketchup, cattle farm dressing or homemade plum conserve for dipping.


the favorite dipping sauce is the homemade plum preserve.

Other Answers:

close to chicken

i don't know!

Squirrel is boney and greasy. Strong flavor.

Nothing approaching chicken. It taste similar to Squirrel. And if properly cooked, it's mouth-watering.

It tases honest and compassionate of aromatic

i don`t know and I'm not going to try it newly wondering where on earth they`ve be! Good luck to your choice!

Like nuts. Mmmmm.

Yup, simply similar to chicken...

When I keep under surveillance them run around outside they look resembling they might partiality kinda furry and lightly cooked.

why do you attention? are you planning on intake any squirrels surrounded by the effective adjectives??

It's really biddable. Sort of resembling chicken, of late dark meat and for a time tougher.

Like wascally wabbits.

i never tryed squiarrlls but im sure they aroma GREAT! yummy!!

gross r u serious


everything fancy similar to chicken

i don't know from personal experience but i hear it zest close to chicken

squirrel fancy close to chicken honestly

It love close to squirrel and rabbit piece approaching rabbit and deer fancy approaching deer. Never all the same tried clang snake but I'm sure it will bite similar to clang snake :o).

I've tried almost everything, near the exception of squirrel. I only just preserve imagine it as "road kill", and cannot get through it.

It does hold a strong flavor, although it is pretty pious! I love my Granma's squirrel and dumplings.

Sushi. But that's 'cause I guzzle it lightly cooked.

Looks approaching nearby are a mixture of ways that a squirrel can taster, according to these posts. When I lived within the Shenandoah Valley of VA for 11 yrs, the folks in attendance said it taste SIMILAR to chicken, but that it be sweeter and have a cleaner aroma since squirrels supposedly single put away grain and grasses. The with the sole purpose problem the squirrel-eaters have be that in that wasn't much meat on them. Because of the bounty of "roadkill suppers", 'possum stew, turtle soup, fresh frog dinners, deer lasagna and snake roasts, I never ate any meat dishes when invited over for a feast. I'm backbone contained by the suburbs of the DC metropolitan nouns very soon, and that nightmare is over.

Like tree rat

a short time similar to chipmunks....chocolate chipmunks.

Kinda "gamey". Yechhh.

of late similar to chipmunk!

squirrel...nought else comes close!

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