Pre-packaged egg/spring roll wrappers, where on earth can I buy them?

I'm having a dinner delegation and would like to prepared egg rolls for appetizers. Where can I purchase pre-packaged egg roll wrappers? I'm contained by L.A., are they in supermarkets?

You've probably walk right past them a hundred times, short realizing it.

They're within the fresh produce area of the store, and more specifically, probably by the leafy cooking vegetables (like kale, mustard greens, bok choy, etc).
They have them at Wal-Mart contained by the produce section if you hold a Wal-Mart nearby...
Yes, they are in supermarkets.. usually contained by the produce section. If you can't find them, ask an hand.
Your best bet is specialty Asain supermarkets.
i think you can find them within super markets
walmart or hanafers or make them
Obviously at the 99 and other large Asian supermarkets (probably at smaller Asian market as well).

I did not know that Wall-Mart and other non-Oriental markets vend them but from other Answerers responses apparently they do.
Hi within. You can findegg roll wrappers in the produce part of the grocery store.
enjoy, Kodaa20002000
Usually in the Asian subsection of your local supermarket. Check the refrigerated nouns, too.
In an Asian open market..........they come 25 or 50 to a pack
i would move about to a specially Chinese food store for the best ones
Most supermarkets own them. Look in the produce sector, or ask a clerk.

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