Butcher's Twine Alternative?

I am making stuffed pork tenderloin for dinner and realized that I don't own any butcher's twine. Is there anything else that will suffice or another technique of keeping something approaching that together? Any and all guidance will be gratefully appreciated.

I have used polyester blend sewing thread when I have your predicament, had to quadruple it later double that but, hey it did the trick.
Common household string works great! It's in your unwanted items drawer.
Unwaxed dental floss
I've used dental floss in a pinch and tooth picks.

Supposedly, regular string may contain chemicals that may leach into your food.
I own used a knitting thread (flax) i.e. braided far stronger than simple cotton string.
You can also use dental floss (plain).
unwaxed dental floss also large rag clips, no kidding.

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